June 8, 2023

AbjaDAO Becomes 1st Arabic Glossary for Blockchain Terms



The first edition of an Arabic glossary for blockchain terms had been released, named “AbjaDAO.”

According to the project founders, AbjaDAO aims to translate all blockchain terms into Arabic to unify all efforts and offer a unified and comprehensive reference for Arab writers and translators.

Ammar Hassan, a representative of the AbjaDAO project, said the glossary aims to put an end to the distraction of translating the blockchain and Web3 terminologies, improve search engine performance and standardizing user results, and address the high cost of content production in the blockchain and Web3 domain.

Hassan told Cointelegraph that the first edition of the glossary offers translation and definition of 600 terms in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, initially.

He pointed out that it is difficult to only depend on foreign sources or translation tools on the Internet, as they do not provide accurate and expressive translations in Arabic as the blockchain is still new for the Arabic language, referring to the multiplicity of Arab dialects which makes it important to create a unified translation that represents a unified reference for all.

He also asserted the importance of uniting translation efforts for governments, academic and media organizations in light of expectations of the increasing use of blockchain technology in the Arab world, therefore, governments will resort to setting laws and regulations, which makes the need to provide unified terms is important.

According to him, the glossary is essential for individuals who seek to educate themselves in the field of blockchain, as it will save them time and effort and speed up the learning process.

Meanwhile, Yasser Al Zayyat, the designer of the methodology for working on the AbjaDAO dictionary, said the first edition of the glossary took one year to finish in cooperation with other entities, including Arabs In Blockchain, DocStream, and ZeFi.

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