September 3, 2023

Adidas Launches Its Web3 Program “Residency”

Adidas Web3 Program

Adidas Web3 Program

Sportswear company Adidas is launching its inaugural Web3 program called “Residency.” 

This program aims to support NFT artists by promoting creativity and innovation. It also provides a platform for digital artists to connect with Adidas and a community of collectors. 

Adidas introduced two talented artists, MonkeeMoto and DearNostalgia, who will be part of this exciting project. Its artistic offerings include two open edition pieces, ‘Seoul’ and ‘Creatives,’ priced at ETH 0.03 (approximately $50), with the belief that this collaboration will empower NFT artists and provide them with unique opportunities to showcase their talent.

Also, two exceptional pieces of art are available for purchase – ‘Soul Searching /// Youth Is Your Privilege’ and ‘Hype.’ These limited edition artworks are exclusive, with only 100 available per artist. When users buy one of these pieces, they will also receive a unique hoodie that is reserved for launch event attendees. The package is priced at around $245 or ETH 0.15. Starting on Wednesday, September 6, they can purchase either edition on Manifold using ETH or a credit card. 

Additionally, the artworks will be displayed at the Gateway Korean Blockchain Week event in Seoul, Korea, for two days. Owners of an ALTS by Adidas NFT can register for a VIP event ticket and gain access to the VIP opening event on September 6. 

Adidas has previously ventured into the Web3 space. In fact, they recently collaborated with BAPE to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The collaboration featured limited edition sneakers with digital certificates and paired NFTs. 

Additionally, Adidas partnered with Fewocious, a Web3 artist, to introduce NFT-gated sneakers in June. These sneakers merged unique digital artwork with limited-edition footwear. Furthermore, the sportswear giant unveiled the third phase of their “Into the Metaverse” initiative in April, which allowed NFT holders to exchange Phase 1 and 2 NFTs for coveted ALTS NFTs.

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