September 4, 2023

Casio Files Trademark Applications for NFTs, Metaverse-based Goods



Casio, a company specializing in electronics manufacturing, has announced its intention to venture into new digital territories by submitting a trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The Japanese-based company is interested in exploring the use of NFTs in the digital realm. According to USPTO licensed attorney Mike Kondoudis, who shared the news on X (previously known as Twitter), this trademark application is a step towards Casio releasing a line of digital products in the metaverse.

“Casio is coming to the metaverse with NFT and virtual goods,” Kondoudis said. “The company has filed a trademark application covering Virtual clothing + watches, NFT-backed media, robots with AI, stores for virtual goods, and more!”

Casio has announced its plan to release various digital products for the digital world. These products will include NFT watches, personal digital assistants, fashion accessories, and clothing for avatars.

The company also suggested creating non-downloadable audio, music, images, and video for digital and augmented realities. In their filing document, Casio stated that they will provide virtual clothing, hairstyle, fashion accessories, and animation packages for avatars to use in online virtual environments for entertainment.

Additionally, the company plans to offer retail and wholesale services for downloadable digital goods for both individuals and institutional clients. All downloadable digital goods will be authenticated using NFTs, including computer programs, application software, and digital files.

According to the company’s filing, Casio plans to venture into NFTs and the metaverse to offer its users an engaging and interactive experience with Web3 technologies. The filing also highlights how Casio intends to personalize digital spaces and create new ways to connect with its customers despite being a brand that has been around for 77 years. While it’s uncertain when Casio will release their digital collectibles, experts predict it may happen in 2024.

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