March 7, 2023

Couple Holds Their Wedding in Taco Bell’s Metaverse

Couple Holds Their Wedding in Taco Bell’s Metaverse Featured Image

For the first time, a couple held their wedding ceremony in the Taco Bell metaverse, expressing their long-live love for the fast-food brand. 

Sheel Mohnot, a venture capitalist, and Amruta Godbole, a product lawyer for Instagram, got engaged in August 2022. They won consent for holding their wedding in a Taco Bell-supported metaverse. 

Weeks following their engagement, the couple saw an opportunity offered by Taco Bell to apply to the brand’s “first-ever, virtual legal and metaverse wedding package,” a consent which Mohnot saw came at perfect timing. 

Applicants for the consent were asked to submit a registration form, attached with a video detailing their unique love story to win a prize of a Web3 wedding. 

The two lovers were keen to participate in the consent because they had a date early in their relationship in California, therefore it had a meaning for them. 

Ahead of the wedding, Godbole said she had held meetings with Taco Bell’s team to discuss the wedding preparations, which included a fully vegetarian virtual menu because both are vegetarian. 

The couple also agreed with Taco Bell on the customized metaverse outfits for their wedding guests. The American food restaurant invited Indian-American actor Kal Penn, who starred in the Harold & Kumar series to attend the wedding in the virtual space. 

The couple was invited to attend their wedding from their work together while wearing traditional Indian customs. Nearly 1,000 guests from the couple’s relatives and friends from different places around the world attended the wedding as avatars in Decentraland. 

The wedding, which was on February 24, witnessed some of the Indian wedding traditions as Mohnot chose to ride in on a purple elephant in his metaverse baraat, the groom’s wedding procession in India. 

After taking their places, the couple exchanged vows, promising each other that their marriage will be fun and romantic and more than a little weird in the presence of a marriage officiant, who announced them as husband and wife officially. 

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