April 7, 2023

Crypto 306 Annual Event To Be Held in Dubai

Crypto 306 Annual Event To Be Held in Dubai Featured Image

Crypto 306

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dubai will host the Crypto 306 annual event on May 8-9. 

Crypto 306 gathers the global crypto community, including users, crypto companies, and investors from all over the world to exchange ideas, tackle emerging trends, and showcase groundbreaking projects. It aims to raise awareness among traditional companies and corporate companies about crypto during their meetings with crypto project founders and executives of the leading Web3 companies while sharing their project details, according to the Geekmetaverse website

According to the Crypto 306 website, the event will be attended by more than 7,000 people, over 50 speakers, and more than 60 sponsors, such as Babydoge, Raca, and Lovely Inu Finance. 

The global crypto event will host speakers from different places around the world, most notably are CEO of Gotbit Hedge Fund Alex Andryunin, CEO of TinyTrader Mahmoud Farouk, CEO of Solverse Digital Emre Dumraz, CEO of Startbiz Global Bharat P. Ramnani, Co-founder of ChaiDex Nitesh Mishra, and CEO of DXTalks Rudy Shoushany. 

Crypto 306 is an event company that holds crypto-related events with the aim to offer educational content and networking opportunities to investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts. 

Dubai was ranked the world’s second-largest crypto hub following London, a recent research showed in February. 

Recap, a crypto tax software and crypto portfolio tracker, conducted research on the most cryptocurrency-ready cities in the world. The index comprises eight criteria, such as crypto-specific events, crypto meet-ups, the number of crypto workers and companies, R&D spending as a percentage of GDP, and the quality of life score in each city.

Dubai’s place pushed it to be the pioneering spot for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the Middle East in light of issuing several laws on the regulation and operation of crypto, the London-based firm said.

However, Dubai is still behind London because the UK capital has the largest number of people working in the crypto industry and crypto companies that reached 800 firms.

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