July 18, 2023

Dubai Hosts 8th Edition of Blockchain Economy Summit in October

Blockchain Economy Summit

Blockchain Economy Summit

Dubai is expected to host the eighth edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit, the largest blockchain conference network in the world, from October 2 to 5.

The summit will be held at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center in Dubai with the participation of blockchain pioneers, top crypto firms, and AI innovators around the world.

The event will tackle the latest developments and trends within the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI space, featuring industry leaders, engaging panel discussions, and opportunities for growth and investment.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX will be the Exclusive Title sponsor for all of Blockchain Economy Summit’s events this year.

In this regard, General Manager of the Blockchain Economy Summit Servi Aman expressed his excitement about holding the summit this year in a city that embraces blockchain technology, hailing the emirate’s commitment to creating a friendly environment for thriving the crypto industry.

Influential speakers will deliver speeches through which they would share their expertise and visions related to the industry.

The UAE, with its crypto-friendly regulations, is gearing up to become a global crypto hub, specifically Dubai. It also embraces AI technologies to boost efficiency and implementation across public services. The Blockchain Economy in Dubai will be the Main gathering in the region on behalf of the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI technologies, with a wide range of topics focused on the revolutionary technologies of the future, extensive networking opportunities, and participation from more than 85 countries.

It is worth noting that Crypto ownership in the UAE is remarkably growing as 27.67% of its residents own crypto assets, according to data aggregated from the crypto platform TripleA.

This percentage puts the UAE in first place globally in terms of the percentage of people who are owning crypto assets. TripleA reported that the Arab Gulf country has more than 2.6 million holders of cryptocurrencies,

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