October 12, 2022

Eman Herawy: Egyptian Girl Decided to Change Future through Blockchain

Eman Herway

Eman Herway

Our Arab world is no longer isolated from what happens around the world. With the great spread of blockchain technology and its entry into many industries and sectors, many Arab experts began to realize the importance of this technology and the need to familiarize people with it.

Among these experts, who early realized the importance of blockchain was Eman Herway. 

Who Is Eman Herway? 

Herway graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Zagazig University in 2008. She received a professional master’s degree in cloud computer networks from Cairo University in 2020. She worked in programming for a long time. 

How Did Herway Enter Blockchain World? 

While working in programming, Herway heard a lot about blockchain and started to develop her knowledge about it. At that time, she realized that this technology would change the future and wanted to be a part of it instead of being a just consumer. 

However, she noticed that the Arab community did not support such a technology, so she founded Arabs in Blockchain and co-founded NoonDAO Organization. 

Arabs in Blockchain

Herway founded Arabs in Blockchain as unlimited community for empowering the Arabs in using blockchain technology. 

Through this move, she aimed to raise awareness about the blockchain in the Arab world and link the global blockchain communities with the Arab ones in addition to offering educational content about this technology.

It became a meeting point for Arabs who are interested in this field. 

NoonDAO Organization 

Herway took part in founding NoonDAO, which is a decentralized Arab women-led organization that advocates for the empowerment of other Arab women in blockchain technology to build a community encouraging women’s participation in this promising field. 

Noon stands for women, according to Herway said in one of the interviews.

Limitless Ambition

Despite her achievements in the blockchain, Herway still seeks to achieve more by spreading the blockchain culture across the Arab world as an essential step to generalize it in all sectors. 

You can follow Herway’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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