August 22, 2023

Imperial College London Collaborates with FluidAI To Analyze Crypto Market

Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Imperial College London has recently teamed up with FluidAI, an emerging artificial intelligence startup, to tackle problems in the digital asset market using advanced technologies.

The university’s renowned AI lab, I-X, will collaborate with FluidAI to enhance the “tokenized market” for institutions, trading platforms, and retail investors. In particular, FluidAI has identified the challenge of liquidity aggregation in the crypto space as a top priority.

In this regard, FluidAI CEO Ahmed Ismail told Cointelegraph that the main reason for starting the company was to address liquidity problems in the industry, noting: “Traditional finance solutions tackling market aggregation use low-latency technology, so it’s very fast to deliver the best prices. In crypto, that doesn’t exist due to its cloud-based, decentralized nature.”

Ismail added that AI technology could reduce delays by making predictions, which could be beneficial in providing the most optimal prices for bids and offers in the market from platforms to liquidity providers or exchanges.

Imperial College London is a leading university in the UK and is also the location of the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering, which conducts research and applies it to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In March, the UK government decided to scrap its plans to release government-backed NFTs, which are supposed to boost the country’s position in the Web3 space.

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is planning to allocate 100 million pounds ($130 million) towards the purchase of numerous computer chips to enhance artificial intelligence capabilities. This move comes amidst a global shortage of these chips and an ongoing competition for increased computing power.

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