June 5, 2023

Japanese Painter Holds Virtual Protest against Immigration Bill

Japanese Protest in Metaverse

Japanese Protest in Metaverse

A Japanese artist founded a new way to protest by organizing a movement in virtual reality against Japan’s envisioned amendment that aims to deport foreign overstayers, according to The Asahi Shimbun Newspaper.

Painter Sacco Fujishima held a protest in the metaverse to let more people across the country take part in the virtual event. According to Fujishima, the number of participants in the virtual protest was around 10,000.

The Japanese artist showed that men and women of different ages took part in the virtual gathering, which occurred in front of the National Diet Building replicated with 3-D computer graphics. The protesters could look around as if they are part of a real demonstration.

Fujishima pointed out that these people took part in the metaverse protest to voice their opposition to an amendment to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law, adding: “The metaverse demonstration’s post has been retweeted by more than 10,000 accounts. This is important given that there are some hurdles to it, such as their followers becoming aware of their personal opinions via social media.”

According to her, an image of her virtual space has been sent to the office of a lawmaker working in the Lower House Committee on Judicial Affairs and other destinations.

It is not the first time, which is the metaverse used for social events. Earlier in March, a couple held their wedding ceremony in the Taco Bell metaverse, expressing their long-live love for the fast-food brand.
Sheel Mohnot, a venture capitalist, and Amruta Godbole, a product lawyer for Instagram, got engaged in August 2022. They won consent for holding their wedding in a Taco Bell-supported metaverse.

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