August 30, 2023

LimeWire Launches AI Creator Studio on Polygon

LimeWire AI studio

LimeWire AI studio

LimeWire, a music NFT marketplace, made an announcement about its launch of the AI Creator Studio on Polygon.

LimeWire, which was once a popular peer-to-peer file-sharing platform, has resurfaced as a music-focused NFT marketplace. In line with the current trends in the digital content creation landscape, LimeWire aims to democratize access to AI tools, making it possible for anyone, regardless of their background, to participate. The AI Studio will offer image creation and video production tools in addition to full music tracks.

According to Marcus Feistl, the COO of LimeWire, the platform selected Polygon’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network for the AI Creator Studio because of its speed and efficiency. He added that Polygon’s extensive and dynamic creator communities present a valuable opportunity for LimeWire to welcome existing Polygon creators.

“Musicians would need to confirm that they hold the rights to the uploaded music. Additionally, we are using AI to filter out copyright cases and offer DMCA services for any violations,” Feistl added.

LimeWire has announced plans to include a repository of licensed content for users to utilize in their music production to address copyright concerns related to AI-generated music. Additionally, the company will expand this library to enable musicians to upload their existing content, making it accessible to other creators. However, to ensure the originality of the music and prevent plagiarism, the process of uploading content will involve multiple verification steps.

Any content created in the AI Studio will be automatically recorded on the Polygon blockchain. According to Feistl, blockchain technology will differentiate between the content contributor and creator after the library goes live and automatically distribute the revenue between them. Feistl also mentioned that there is a significant and well-established connection between Web3 and AI technologies.

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