September 7, 2023

L’Oréal Launches Beauty Showroom in Metaverse



L’Oréal, a leading cosmetics company, has partnered with Ubitus, a cloud gaming expert, to launch an interactive metaverse showcase for its skincare products.

This virtual experience aims to simulate real-life shopping using advanced technologies that blur the lines between physical and digital retail.

The Perfect Skin Expo metaverse event will take place in Taiwan from August 30 to September 30, and will be hosted by L’Oréal’s Dermatological Beauty Division. It is designed to be an engaging virtual showroom, showcasing products from L’Oréal’s skincare brands such as La Roche-Posay, CeraVe, VICHY, and SkinCeuticals. Each brand caters to specific skincare needs, from soothing sensitive skin to anti-aging formulas.

In personalized brand showrooms, users can explore products, access information, and connect to e-commerce platforms for direct purchases. The metaverse showroom aims to complement L’Oréal’s physical stores by providing new virtual shopping options.

In this regard, CEO of Ubitus Wesley Kuo said: “This collaboration with L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty Division shows that high-tech and beauty can join and create something exciting. We look forward to bringing more interesting technology to further enhance L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty Division’s brand’s customer shopping experience.”

L’Oréal is embracing technology in the beauty industry with its metaverse project. As a cosmetics industry leader, L’Oréal always seeks to innovate and enhance the consumer shopping experience.

In the past, L’Oréal has introduced virtual try-on tools, skincare diagnostic apps powered by AI, and AR makeup simulations. Its collaboration with Ubitus for the metaverse project is the latest effort to integrate state-of-the-art technologies with its premium skincare brands.

Recent research indicates that the global metaverse market is expected to reach almost $400 billion by 2026 as virtual worlds become more popular. Key industries such as beauty, fashion, and consumer goods are starting to expand into new metaverse channels.

The metaverse retail sphere has the potential to engage customers in innovative ways, making it an ideal platform for rapid growth. L’Oréal has boldly moved into this space with Ubitus, demonstrating the promise of interactive virtual shopping that goes beyond physical limitations.

As advancements continue to make metaverse experiences more realistic and accessible, immersive retail environments could revolutionize shopping habits for both brands and consumers. L’Oréal’s virtual skincare showroom is a prototype experience that could soon become the next frontier of digital commerce.

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