March 13, 2023

Metaverse Arts Museum Officially on The Sandbox for Displaying NFTs

Metaverse Arts Museum

Metaverse Arts Museum

The Metaverse Arts Museum, the first NFT Arts Museum in the world, announced its official launch on The Sandbox to showcase immersive NFTs and gather creators, artists, collectors, and the blockchain community, Cointelegraph reported. 

The team behind the museum, which is composed of creatives and entrepreneurs based in Dubai, is being supported by an international group of firms from the UAE, US, UK, and Japan, including Metaverse Fundraising Ltd, Digital Marketing Solutions, Xpanse CGI, and Crastonic. 

The museum aims to offer support to innovative projects and NFT artists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by providing a platform to showcase their artworks. It also works as a social hub as it will host a set of various interactive events and activities in which visitors can participate, such as exhibitions, workshops, and charity shops. 

The museum also collaborated with a UK-based fundraising partner to raise awareness about charitable causes. In addition, the museum will allocate two levels, which will be rented by artists to display their artworks. The sales of these NFTs will be allocated to charities to support their campaigns and projects. 

It selected Dubai-based artist Ashraf Ghori as its Arts Ambassador to promote the profile of the museum and the artists it represents. In this regard, Ghori said: “This is a truly innovative concept that will change the way we think about digital art and the role of museums in the digital age. We realize that there is a wealth of emerging artistic talent in need of proper exposure, representation, and a platform to showcase their abilities, and the Metaverse Arts Museum will help bridge that gap.” 

The launch of the museum coincides with the recovery of the NFT market. According to the latest report from market tracking platform DappRadar, trading volumes of NFTs reached $2 billion in February, the highest number since the run-up to the Terra, UST and LUNA crashes in May 2022.

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