March 1, 2023

Metaverse Platform To Be Launched for Breeding Pets

Metaverse Platform To Be Launched for Breeding Pets Featured Image

Habytat, a metaverse powered by DatChat software company, announced on Wednesday the launch of the first metaverse platform for breeding pets. 

Using a proprietary AI and machine learning engine, the metaverse platform will bring AI pets, which can learn and respond uniquely to each user as they interact with their pet. 

Once the users care for their pets, they will notice Habytat pets’ growth from puppies and kittens to adults like in the real world. They are also free to choose which type of puppies or kittens they want from several initial breeds, but they should care for them daily by giving them food and water. 

Also, users can teach their AI pets basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “fetch” and places they should go and should not go at their Habytat home. The pets will have their preferable toys and places where they can lie down. 

In this regard, President of Habytat Gianfranco Lopane said the main goal for this metaverse platform is to give the users an enjoyable experience where they can feel that they have their pets in the virtual world with easy access. 

“The launch of AI-powered metaverse pets brings a new level of interactivity to aspiring pet owners and animal lovers alike. The intention behind creating these pets is to establish strong emotional bonds with their owners, encouraging them to play and expressing realistic requirements,” Lopane noted. 

“The pets are designed to be interactive and engaging, offering a sense of companionship to their owners. By evoking the nostalgia of classic virtual pet games like Tamagotchi and Neopets, our platform brings the beloved pet-raising experience into the modern era of 2023,” he added. 

Expected to be launched this spring, the Habytat metaverse will have two cat breeds and two dog breeds as new breeds will be added in the coming months. 

Users who are interested in enjoying the experience can join the metaverse platform via this link:

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