June 14, 2023

Puma Offers Limited Editions of Shoes in Black Station Experience

Black Station

Black Station

German sportswear company Puma launched its 3D metaverse experience, called “Black Station,” which is expected to be its home for their coming NFTs.

According to Cointelegraph, Black Station will be an experiential home for Puma’s NFTs and products, to which holders of Puma Pass NFTs will have unlimited access to them.

Developers of Black Station said that anyone is allowed to explore and enjoy the experience, but the holders of RB tokens airdropped to PUMA Pass Holders, can purchase the physical Rulebreaker sneaker and claim two digital wearables.

“If you do not own an RB token there is still so much to explore. Unkai, our city in the clouds, and Unter, our exhilarating club below, both are filled with mysteries to explore and collect,” Puma tweeted.

Holders of RB tokens have access to various products dropped in Puma’s metaverse from June 13 to 20 through their parent wallet. Black Station pointed out that more general events and NFT drops would be held this year and for 2024, events are still under development.

On its 75th anniversary, Puma launched its NFT project “Super Puma.” The PFP NFTs (“profile image”) NFT project will consist of 10,000 digital collectibles which are inspired by Super PUMA comics, which were popular in the 1970s. The NFTs highlight the brands’ most historic sports moments over the last 70 years. However, their prices and mintage date are still unknown.

The release of the collection comes a year after the German sports brand registered its ENS domain, Puma.eth, to enhance its footprints in the Web3 world. Puma anticipates that its fans would use the NFTs as profile pictures for their social media platforms.

Moreover, Puma entered the metaverse world, named Black Station, for its FUTROGRADE show at New York Fashion Week in September 2022.

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