June 1, 2023

WEMIX To Be Part of Hub71 Ecosysem To Expand Blockchain Ecosystem in Middle East



Abu Dhabi-based technological center, Hub71, inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with pioneering South Korean blockchain developer WEMIX to create more growth opportunities for startups, according to Zawya.

Under this partnership, WEMIX startups will be a part of the Hub71+ Digital Assets specialist ecosystem, which mainly focuses on supporting startups in the field of Web3. The startups will have access to Hub71’s community’s range of value-add programs and incentives in addition to a wide network of corporate, government, and investment partners in the UAE and global markets.

Also, Hub71+ Digital Assets’ startups will benefit from WEMIX’s expertise and deep technological knowledge and its parent, Wemade, in the areas of blockchain technology, such as GameFi and DeFi.

In this regard, Head of Growth and Strategy at Hub71 Elodie Robin Guillerm said WEMIX’s joining of the Hub71 ecosystem is a testament to Abu Dhabi regarding its growth potential, adding: “Hub71 truly values partnership and collaboration and by joining forces with leading blockchain companies like WEMIX, we can work together towards developing industry-leading blockchain technologies to give rise to more opportunities for Web3 startups.”

Meanwhile, CEO of WEMIX Pte Ltd Shane Kim asserted that building partnerships with key stakeholders like Hub71 shows the firm’s commitment to enhancing the blockchain ecosystem in the Middle East region, voicing her confidence that this partnership would create opportunities for blockchain startups worldwide to expand their businesses in the Middle East.

WEMIX will become the latest partner to join Hub71+ Digital Assets and its ecosystem which includes pioneering regional and global partners of digital asset exchanges and service providers, blockchain platforms, venture capital funds, technology providers, and venture studios.

Hub71+ Digital Assets, an initiative launched in February, provides capital funding to Web3 start-ups, located in Abu Dhabi, worth $2 billion (+AED 7 billion), in a move to unlock the potential of Web3 and the growth of digital assets

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