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What is an NFT Art?

NFT art refers to a collectible digital asset that can be traded in the digital realm. In simple terms, it is the digital art that has been documented on a blockchain. Digital creators can earn by linking their unique artwork with digital tokens and gradually selling them on the NFT marketplace. Even though these tokens are intangible, they serve as proof of copyright of the artwork.

How do I purchase NFT art?

To buy NFT art, you will first need to top up your wallet with Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. After that, explore the digital arts. Go through the handpicked collection where we highlight the top-performing collectibles. Finalize the one you want to buy and select the format you wish to purchase. Either you can make an online purchase via auction or directly buy NFTs on sale.

Can I sell my art as NFT?

Undoubtedly yes, you can put your NFT art for sale easily. There are multiple NFT platforms like UPYO that allow you to buy and sell NFT art without any hassle. All you require to do is mint your art and upload it on the NFT marketplace for sale. It is worth mentioning that unique digital art pieces may be edited without losing any vital data.

What kind of art sells as NFT?

There is no such barrier on what type of art you can sell as NFT or no specified preference for a distinct type of art. You get a free hand to design anything of your choice and sell them. NFT is just a non-fungible token that assures originality and ownership. This is an essential criterion that creators need to keep in mind while trading NFTS artwork.

Is selling NFT profitable?

Of course, yes, selling NFT artworks are valuable non-fungible token that helps you gain huge profit. However, earning profit from NFTs varies from person to person. If you have extra cash, your safest option may be to purchase an item that will definitely increase value over time. However, if you are an artist, you’ll prefer creating your digital art and selling them on NFT platforms.

How much does it cost to sell an NFT art?

The cost to sell an NFT art on the Ethereum blockchain ranges around $70. However, you will generally be required to pay gas fees when trading NFT art. Apart from this, you may also have to pay site costs, such as those associated with offering the NFT for trade. Based on the site, this can range from nearly nothing to $900 (extreme scenario).