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Create an NFT for your meme and sell them up for a hefty price at UPYO, a memes NFT marketplace.

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What does NFT mean in memes?

NFT memes are the digital representation of a meme on the blockchain. Similar to other types of NFTs, these memes are intangible fungible tokens. The buyer who purchases them gets the unique representation of a specific meme and its digital ownership. One must note that the owner of meme NFT can fractionalize or split a meme and resell it.

Where can I buy NFT memes?

You can buy NFT memes from a trustworthy NFT marketplace. Typically, you can explore and purchase a meme NFT from a general NFT marketplace that contains memes and other collectibles. Alternatively, you can also choose an exclusive meme NFT marketplace that only sells meme NFTs. Whatever option you choose, please set up a crypto wallet to make the purchase.

Can I sell a meme as NFT?

Yes, you can sell a meme as NFT through a reliable NFT marketplace. Selling a meme as an NFT is an exhilarating proposition, as it provides an opportunity to monetize your meme. The success of memes like “Charlie Bit My Finger”, “Disaster girl”, “bad luck Brian” and “Nyan cat,” proves that creating or selling them comes with huge profits

How do I buy meme NFTs?

You first need to have a crypto wallet that’s linked to an NFT marketplace like UPYO to buy NFT memes. Once the link is established, you can go through the meme collection, select a meme and buy them directly from the NFT market. Alternatively, you can bid an amount on the meme, if they are put up on auction.